Critique my first ambigram

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I've recently started playing around with ambigrams, and the first one that really worked for me was---fortuitously---my girlfriend's name.

I'm not sure if it's readable though (since I know what it says, I'm a terrible judge). There are, no doubt, some aesthetic improvements to be made too, but if you can read it, that's a good start.

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i just spent about 2 minutes looking at it and still haven't figured out what it says

the closest i could come up with was "Lukes"

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Mr Eliason, you are on the money.

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That E crossbar is pretty ingenious.
I wonder if you could open up the top of the y a bit by moving the loop left a bit? I think the y is the most illegible letter.

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It was (without any hesitation or doubt) "Lukas" for me.

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