any good suggestion*

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Joined: 6 Jul 2007 - 1:05pm
any good suggestion*

Hello, anyone knows any
interesting - "must see"
type locations in singapore?
to suggest.
Thx in advance :)

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Joined: 3 May 2000 - 11:00am

I'll bring this thread to the attention of Karen Huang and Jimmy Tan.


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Joined: 6 May 2005 - 3:37am

The first site that comes to mind is Ban Guan Park at Greenleaf Road, which I blogged about here and here: Hopefully someone can identify this font (again). I thought it was Caslon 224, but no.

While you're there, you might wanna grab a bite at Cantina, just because it's quite out of the way. And you might feel silly trekking all the way there just to see some type!

Greenleaf is also near Holland Village, which is fairly interesting typographically. Sneak peek here:

If you want to see older types, you'll wanna go round to the Arab Street area. It'll be an interesting area to visit, and I think there are a bunch of old sign boards there.

While you're in Singapore, no doubt, you'd want to check out the Esplanade, also known as the "durian".
And while you're in the area, you should check this out

No need to make any special effort to see these, you can't miss them.
Our Rotis road signs:

Well, if you have more non-type related questions on where to go, just ask. I'd be happy to answer them.
Especially if they have anything to do with food. :)

Hope you enjoy your stay here. When's your trip?

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Joined: 6 Jul 2007 - 1:05pm

You know the habit we have, start shooting
at interesting type whenever we go, hehe
Actually my gf is in singapore now and going
to see her at first half of february, thats
why i asked coz i will be there and a type walk
is always in the scedule, and was curious if smone
knew any interesting spots to add :)

And yeah my gf already, spam me, omg omg lets
go eat there and there and there and there, Cantina
was one of them :)

Thanks for reply