Font ID - Vogue Hommes International

Hi, anybody knows the font id of the french Vogue Hommes International / hors serie.
Font design by Mira Farahmand. Thank you!


Photo please.

here it goes:

Just came out,it's Fall-Winter 2008-2009.

Will check it out...

I thought it could be something from but it doesn't seem like it...

Anyone? I'm giving up... I can't find it!


Does anybody knows the font designer Mira Farahmand?

Seems like this is a hard one!

Not totally sure, but there seems to be some Architype Bayer in there...

It looks indeed like Foundry Architype's Bayer Type!



I just spoke to the people at Foundry, and they say that Foundry Architype’s Bayer Type doesn't have capital letters: "no – it doesn’t – it is a single alphabet in accordance with it’s origination".

Plus, Foundry Architype’s Bayer Type seems more condensed than what I can see in the above jpgs. On top of that, the l, t, w, etc. aren't the same...

Sorry Eliane!

Looks like this font doesn't exist!


Hi Cris, hi Marc,
you answers were very helpfull.
I think it can be a exclusiv design for the magazine, based upon an exixsting font. Perhaps Architype's Bayer.
Sorry if I hadn't answered you before, I was away.

Thank you very much!