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The tattoo thread has gotten me thinking, do you guys usually set your dummy type to Cicero's text, or do some of you prefer your own custom passages?

I've recently started moving away from lipsum to personal copy.

The advantage, is that the paragraphs look and break in a more natural way (for English).

I am however concerned that clients might concentrate too much on reading the copy, which could color their judgment, and detract from the aesthetic/conceptual considerations.

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Oh, and here's the dummy I am currently using (only with select clients, and at smaller point sizes for now)

It seems that the time has come to create the new dummy text, devoid of any semblance of meaning, whole and utterly unremarkable compilation of dreary nonsense. Cicero's work can only get you so far, as the structure of Latin is rather different, not to mention, that certain letters of the alphabet are omitted all-together. So there you are, plowing through the textura, as stale and boring as most of Milton's poetry, rife with omissions, plagued by horrid grammar, with no horizon in sight.

Contrary to popular belief, writing a thoroughly nonsensical copy is a serious challenge, quite comparable to other creative endeavors. A self-referential dummy is even more straining, as the subject gets exhausted quite quickly, leaving you short of synonymous words, or seemly metaphors. There is also a vague fear that some poor demented soul could actually read this dribble, risking their fragile, precious brains exploding into a centillion glittering pieces.

Luckily, in our advanced industrious age of infographics and condensed bullet lists, the likelihood of this tragedy is rather low. Still, I have to warn you, if you are one of the unfortunates tricked into reading this far, you must stop this silliness at once! Go outside, bask in the sun, make a flow-chart, compose an impromptu toast, hold an important staff meeting, pass out the crab-flavored coffee biscuits, but for the love of all that is good and wholesome, don't even think about reading this to the very end, least you suffer the fate far worse then gradual decomposition (a proper, judicially approved and well-recommended manner of passing) and end up a dried-up, prunish sort of being that even Heidegger would not find the time for.

If you've read thus far, you might be be wondering why none of those horrible things have actually happened. Let me assure you that they have, but the sheer horror and impossibility of them was such, that the reality has split in twine, leaving the original one all crumpled up and laying by a dumpster, while the current copy goes on all primmed and pampered, moving through unbeing with a joyful (though metaphorical) spring in her steps and apples in her (allegorical) cheeks. Incidentally, among other adjustments, the text above has also changed irrevocably so as to prevent anyone from destroying the world. So, once gain, we have a new dummy text, devoid of any semblance of meaning, whole and utterly unremarkable compilation....(Ad infinitum)
Personal Art and Design Portal of Ivan Gulkov

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I am however concerned that clients might concentrate too much on reading the copy...

Precisely. However, maybe there are other non-English alternatives to lorem ipsum that somebody knows about.

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Hey, Ivan, check out what I found through Google:

Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum

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See the Text Generator section in Text Tools.

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Nice -- I didn't even know that was there, Paul. Thanks!

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When I was in school I typeset some very academic BS text about Morris Louis, an American abstract color painter. After having read it a few times I realized that post-WWII fine art criticism is rife with long essays that amount to nothing more than doggerel, so now I use that to greek up pages.

Although given the current state of the economy, most of the type I’m setting is just to test my fonts—not much paying print work coming my way.

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Usually, i don't use Loremp Ipsum.
Because of the missing letters in latin language, and figures.

Something I use to do is to copy paste everyday the first News on top from Google News.
Likehow, i have almost everything i want.

Long Text.
Figures & Ponctuation.
Also sometimes Small Caps.

The great thing with this "ipsum" generator, is that you also copy paste some Date information. Then when you print your design research, you automatically have a kind of Date Mark.

This is very useful for me.

Merci !

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