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I am thinking of going to TypeCon. Or whatever it is called. I am looking for really cheap accommodation, shared would work just fine. Remember us old guys are on a fixed income. Well, I wish it was fixed. You want to fix it for me?

Also how do I find URL to TypeCon?

By the way, where is it? The event I mean.

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We'd love to see you there! Tamye provided the details; it's up to the rest of us to persuade you.

I can assure you that you will have a great time -- it's going to be the best TypeCon thus far. And in an attempt to add a bit of flex to your fixed income, I'll promise to buy you a drink.


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Thanks folks,

TypeCon seems to have some old friends in the line up. I will see how the flights work going back to Finland. Still looking for cheap digs.


My body is my temple

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Gerald, can't offer cheap digs, but willing to share and split cost of room in the Nikko.

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That is one surprising offer. I am looking into the possibilities of going. I have a confusion in my paper work. Canadian passport, Finnish resident. I may not have everything I need. Or rather, too many things.

Are boxing gloves part of the dress code? I hope not.

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>Are boxing gloves part of the dress code?

I'd wear flowers in my hair, if I had any (hair that is: Scoffer not exactly as shown.)

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I hear that the orginal film of "The Odd Couple" is playing in Japantown that week.


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Very funny.

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Do come, Gerald, it's going to be great. Lots of people looking for roomies, too. Link to the website from banners here at Typophile, or go to www.typecon.com. The conference is in San Francisco July 21-25, with the main program at the Hotel Nikko, with optional workshops at the California College of the Arts and the San Francisco Center for the Book.

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Hahaha, I was thinking just the same!

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