Lowercase "i" is dotted with a triangle...

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Well, I feel pretty stupid. I know that I recognise both of these fonts, but can't seem to ID them. Could you guys help me out? I would really appreciate it!!!


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‘At five points’ looks like squooshed Trajan.

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Mona Lisa

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Wow, thanks for the fast replies, guys!!!

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Not quite. I think it’s a font by Nick Curtis.

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Do you think it's Bernhard, by any chance?

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Not Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa has a very distinctive "H" which is nothing like this one. Not Bernhard either; the overall look and feel is similar, but the characters are quite different.

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AT FIVES POINTS looks more like Anziano small caps. I'm sure I've seen the other one, but don't know it off hand.

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