Three Mobile Network - Headlines

This is used by the UK mobile network operator, 3, in their literature. Anyone know what it is? It's a nice modern compact serif that seems to derive from transitional roots.


It seems to have some similarities to Renault, by Scangraphic


Verona, Miles Newlyn's custom font for Three Mobile.

Thanks Ryuk.... I think Renault is a nice typeface too... not quite as condensed, but much of the same character...

The notion of your originality is only protected by the obscurity of your inspirations

Melior and Lucida (Condensed/Narrow) are similars too.

Erik Spiekermann often makes his y's in that way.

I just love the clipped, concise nature of the serifs... That G rocks, and the lack of any serifs at the apex of the A... For someone who has been addicted to Sans for so long (and frankly afraid of Serif typefaces as there seems so much more subtlety in their choosing) this one is drawing me to it like a magnet...

It's a no sh*t kinda serif, and I love it!

For now I'll have to experiement with Renault, as I still think it's the closest overall.