San Serif ID

Hi everyone,

Please could someone kind help me with the identity of this typeface?

It should be an easy one, and I know it from somewhere but I can't seem to ID it from any of the faces I've tried…

Thank you,



Is it not Humanist 777 by Adrian Frutiger (as it says in the image)?

Could be, the image comes from a piece that displays a large number of different san serif typefaces, yet it's all set in one particular typeface, the one I'm after.

It could be that I've picked the profile of the typeface that it's set in by chance!

Thanks Conor

Would you say that the condensed weight has been used?

It's set in http://Myriad Condensed, very similar to Frutiger (or Humanist 777 as it's called here) but there are differences, like the rounded dot and overal softer curves.