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New Walrus magazine fonts: titles and text

Some posted awhile ago about what fonts the Walrus, a Canadian magazine, uses. However, these are different than they used to be. The text font in the first image (readyblaz) seems to be a customized version of Monotype Mentor (e.g. the lc y). But if you look at the italic (The Betrayal), its completely different from Mentor's italic.

The second image, (Telling All), looks like a font I've seen used on signage at a recent art exhibition here in Winnipeg. I've looked all over online to determine which it is. At first I thought it was something from DSType, but I couldn't find a match there. Does anyone know of the names and availability of these fonts?

A related question would be, if these are custom work for the magazine, who does the work? I'd be interested to know.

Thanks in advance.


Hello JP,

#1 and #3 is DTL Unico.

Thanks, Florian. I don't think I've ever seen DTL Fonts in use before. Anybody recognize the other one?

"Telling All" is obviously JFP's Le Monde Journal. I don't know why I didn't realize it earlier!