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A friend of mine wanted this fonts identified. The first one seems a scriptorium font but had no luck. Second isn’t familiar either.


Adriano, I’m very sorry we’re letting you down on this one… :-(

Whoops… Vlad is correct. Your upper case “N” in Cyrillic Regular and Cyrillic Bold should be flipped.

(OK… So my quarter of Russian at the U. of Utah was a LONG time ago…. :D )

David Thometz

Russian is really hard language to learn. I think quarter would be enough only to learn alphabet. Especially if you are not russian. My advice: if you are going to study russian — don’t do it. :) It’s a big challenge. Well, it’s hard language but it’s rich language. For example correct version of text written by Joe should look like this:

ok it didn’t worked. how can i attach picture? hmm ok, let’s try this.

Vlad: That’s why I only lasted a quarter. ;)

Truth to tell, I’d really be interested in getting back into it. Russian is a fascinating language — and almost as screwed up in its conjugations as English is. ;)


Yup, it’s suprising power of internet. You put some things online you think noone will notice and next day people from places you never heard of send you greetings. Keep going Joe.
And David, good luck in learning russian. You’re a brave man ;)


My Russian teacher would be embarrassed by my
poor speaking and writing. (And so should I.)

The font is not yet finished. But, perhaps I’ll
post the latest revisions. I’ve been focusing on
the “construct black” weight.

Which weight do you like best? (Regular, Bold,


Da, da, da.


Cyrillic Black and Outline

The blocky sans reminds me of the Gagarin family.

Real nice font… Although I wouldn’t know how to use the outline style…
Will tell the _Institut d’études slaves_ in Paris about it.
Not so many non-slavic languages speakers do cyrillic fonts…
I don’t know much about all this, but you could check if you’re missing the odd Ukrainian or whatever language character (Bielorussian ? Other ?).
And if you feel like it, maybe do a “mock” cyrillic font as well (latin font inspired by cyrillic writing).
In France, Dabasse did a Remont/PeMonm (Repair) font…
But you should ask really the Paratype guys (link must be either paratype.com or paratype.ru) or Pyrus/FontLab.

I knew the first one would be difficult, but I’m sure it’s something free. Thanks Yves :-)

Hey, those area beauties! Except all of your “R”s are pointing the wrong way. ;) ::ducking::

Seriously, very nice job… crisply legible AND stylishly designed.

I took Russian at the U. of Utah for a quarter (don’t ask ;) ). I may not be fluent, but I still recognize the glyphs.

David Thometz

The first appears to be George Williams Bastarda.

I feel that way as well, James. I’m glad I revived that thread.
Nice one Mike. :-)

Wow… How did you took that ID from your hat Mike? :-)

hey, great job! i am from Ukraine, cyrillic-writing country and i find your font so attractive, especially 12pt black. right way! :))

have a good luck, man
sorry my english ;)

ps. kirgizstan vs. st-petersburg it a cool idea!

Well, usually I pull out a rabbit, but this time I got a fraktur font. Ya never know …

Hey Joe. I’m from Belarus, almost Russia. I’m here by big coinscidence. And what i see? Americans developing russian fonts. lol. wow. Anyway, good job. But this font looks like font used in paper “Pravda”. I know someone said this already. They really look like font from beginning of XX century. oh and in cyrillic regular and bold you have wrong N. Should be turned other way. :)

P.S. Kirgizstan vs. S.Petersburg is REALLY interesting idea lol. Made me laugh. Thanx. :)