when you buy a (literally) damaged font

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I bought an OpenType font that doesn't work – Indesign doesn't recognize it and the other programs don't show the OpenType features that are supposed to be included.

The seller was Fontshop, I asked for help there but nobody answered.

Does anybody know how a font buyer can protect himself from non-working fonts? Is there any list of trustable sites that sell fonts and support their clients?

thank you

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Hi Mila, having licensed from FS many times and knowing some of the staff I have to guess that there has been a hiccup. Or at least I hope so. I've emailed Stephen Coles, Type Director at FS, to get him here ASAP.

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Mila - FontShop normally answers very promptly on business days. Unfortunately, the American office isn't open today because it's a holiday. Feel free to contact me at coles@fontshop.com and I'll see what I can do. Short of that, our expert tech folks will get back to you first thing tomorrow morning.

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