New from TEFF: Burgundica by Gerrit Noordzij

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We’re happy to announce a new typeface: Burgundica.

Originally created in 1983, this remarkable design by Gerrit Noordzij is now generally available. It comes in the OpenType and PS Type 1 format and consists of four weights.

Burgundica is a Fraktur (“broken script”) with strong calligraphic roots.

To see what the designer has to say about Burgundica, please go to and click the link 'Concept'

For an overview of the Burgundica family, go to
If you prefer printed samples, you can download an A3 sample page (600 dpi) at or make a request for (free) 1200 dpi samples at: which will be sent by regular post. Delivery may take up to three weeks.

The Burgundica fonts come with:
- alternate characters for r and s, dieresis and umlaut
- with automatic selection of the correct r (optional)
- typographic features:
  automatic ligatures
  dieresis or umlaut
  long or short s
- unicode support
- cross platform compatibility
Note: Technical restrictions apply to the Type 1 format.

To immediate download the fonts, go to:

For offline orders go to: or send an email to

Burgundica® is a registered trademark of The Enschedé Font Foundry.
TEFF® is a registered trademark of The Enschedé Font Foundry.

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