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Does anyone know any fonts similar to the Princess font? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Oh the one at the top from stockbucket. The problem is is that this font is going up on a banner and there is too much of a contrast between thin and thick. This makes it difficult for me to please both my employer and the client. My employer likes fonts that go on banners large and bold, but the client really likes this one. Perhaps there is a thicker and bolder font in a similar style to please both my employer and the client?

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What I ended up doing, although it would be interesting to know an answer to this quandry, is that I used Vladimir script but added a stroke to thicken up the text, sort of like a faux bolding. It works, but even then, the text turned out a bit small. Being that it's a script, it still looks elegant and the strokes I think gives a playful enough atmosphere as Princess would have. It would be interesting to know if there is a font out there even more suitable for what was supposed to be conveyed-a children's birthday banner.

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The something similar option in the Myfonts site gives Cafe Mimi, which seems a good compromise.


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