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Brandy / Desing & Comunication Studio

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Martin Sommaruga's picture
Joined: 12 Mar 2004 - 6:55am
Brandy / Desing & Comunication Studio

hello, as u know is hard to create a brand for my studio. i,m just brainstorming
plese give your advices.
what do u think about the “Brandy” name and that first look?

thanx a lott

forum.ai (182.3 k)

S's picture
Joined: 18 Jun 2004 - 8:00am

Not bad.
Will there be additional text? Subline?
Is the connotation to liqueur dangerous?
You will have to make the dark B in the white circle bolder.

Soren O

ian parkins's picture
Joined: 26 Jul 2004 - 5:02am

the moment i saw it i thought GE, but that is perhaps more a statement of their ability to put their brand out there than any real similarities.

the ‘ra’ feels a bit loose, but i really like the colour palette.

are you using the same typeface for smaller copy?

cristian gonzalez's picture
Joined: 26 Nov 2002 - 11:00am

some how to me, the font does not fit well with the “button”, you should try another one and try to see in wich ubication fits better with the circle.

i also like the color and the simplicity, but why BRANDY, is there a relation with the liquiour? if it is, yo should treat the concept with a more creative-graphic way, if there is not a relation your graphic identity should work better on telling me that you are a design studio, because right now it more looks like an hotel card to me.

let me know if my english works for you, if not maybe i can post it in spanish.

keep the good work


Chase J Goitia's picture
Joined: 12 Apr 2004 - 11:14pm

That circle-B marque reminds me of Belk and Boscov’s department stores. I also agree with Cristian that the sans face doesn’t mesh with the logotype; a serif face might work better.

Joe Pemberton's picture
Joined: 8 Apr 2002 - 3:36pm

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