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Do you know this one?


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Possibly done by hand - the "e's" in "Steve" look different. But I'd love to be wrong!

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Given the era,the material its on, and the budgets likely available… it's likely handlettered.

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You might look at the Bluemlein fonts at Veer.

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That is a lovely, energetic S. Great photo in general. (I love his trousers and matching boots!)

Drifting of the typographic element here, is that bag actually part of the chair?

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Yeah this is nice, i like it the way the lettering artist put this swashy thing on the backrest of this simple folding chair, cool. And of course McQueen adds style to this overall picture.
I'm normally not into this swashy script thing, but here all elements of the photo are showing nice interactions. Next time i look twice at those scripts.

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You know..looking at it's too ornate to be done by hand no? Would you write like that? It might be a font..but maybe not digitized?

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... too ornate to be done by hand? Huh?

It may not be written by hand but most certainly drawn.

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Would you write like that?

Not me. But Americans do. Check out the ‘S’ in American Cursive.

it’s too ornate to be done by hand no?

I agree. Still, (a lot of) kids in the US have to learn writing like that. Apart from the minsucule ‘e’ with the mirrored 3 shape – which is another American speciality – , the sample exhibits the same ductus as the cursives taught in school there.

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Fair enough..was just wondering. Thanks for clarifying.

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