Brandy / Desing & Comunication Studio / pls help

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hello, as u know is hard to create a brand for my studio. i,m just brainstorming
plese give your advices.
what do u think about the "Brandy" name and that first look?

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What do you specialize in?
Why is it called Brandy?

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at first sorry my english

Brandy is a new brand dedicated a graphic design in general (brand id, packaging, digital, etc.

the idea is of the name is only a joke between de words / Branding / Brandy


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Is it spose to be a little joke about "branding" to make it look like livestock branding with a hot iron?

If so maybe choose an old western typeface (put your own twist on it though, funk it up) and make that B look a lot more like a branding iron. Possibly stick with black / charcoal as a colour.



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