Resound Creative (Logo Critique)

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Below are mockups for a creative firm that does website development, graphic design, photo manipulation and restoration, and software assistance.

Please take a moment to review it and provide some feedback.

Thanks much!


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This is a really nice concept, specially the emanating waves integrated with the parenthesis. The only thing that doesn't really look right is the tagline, which is awesome for this logo but try making it a little bolder (a medium perhaps). I would also try a version with three emanating waves, although the concept is sound with only teo.

Is the right corner of the top of the first left 'wave' rounded? or is it just my eyes playing tricks?

Good stuff!


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the line weight of the border seems a tad too heavy for the type within.

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Yes, I started tooling around with rounding some of the corners to complement the face, but I never finished. Thanks for the reminder. ; )

Agreed. It's been bothering me, too, and wasn't sure if it was just me. Thanks.

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Alright, here are some updates. Anyone? (Please and thanks.)

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The concept is somewhat similar to that of Simple Bits logo.

It was at some point a center of Logomaid-stealing-SimpleBits-logo controversy, so it had a good share of the Internet exposure and it is pretty well known.

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Part of me feels like the whole thing is too wide. Perhaps if it was fit to just "resound" or if the two words were stacked or something? I do love the "idea" behind it. Very fitting for the name/company. And the color is spot on, too.

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(sorry double post)

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I really like what's happening with this logo, great concept. I don't know if I'm completely picking up on the sound waves on the sides. The top and bottom brackets take precedence, and my eyes are also drawn to the "corners" formed in the negative space. I can't think of any solution at the moment, so I'm probably not being very helpful.

Though I don't think it's too similar to the Simple Bits mark, at all.

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I'd like to see the 'sound waves' in half the strength of its colour. Reflecting the motion... further and further away from the centre.

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sorry... those closest to the name (( 100% orange, those further from the centre of the logo, only 60% of the orange.

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