Aligning sentences ?

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Anyone know how to align sentences like this ?

I've got photoshop CS2 and InDesign CS3 if that helps at all.

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[Bad link]

use indesign. use justification and leading. either this is a very elementary question or im missing something.

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I'll have to look up how to use them as I only purchased a few days ago.

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2-column textbox and, as Nachos says, use the justified setting for your paragraphs.

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There is something very wrong with that setting, random characters have jumped lines, I suspect the preferences need altering and/or look at hidden characters.


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The sample is taken from Kris Sowersby’s Newzald specimen. While it might work for the purpose of presenting a typeface and its colour, Tim is has a point: the even spacing is accomplished at the expense of language (see Stewart Islan-d).

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No hyphen needed, Floria

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Good spot, Florian.


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