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Some of you may be aware of my handwriting typeface "Comic Jens", which can be downloaded freely and is released under a Creative Commons licence. I tried to capture my handwriting by using the mouse to draw with the brush tool directly in FontLab.

After visiting St Petersburg last fall, I decided to add Cyrillic support to the fonts. I tried to follow the same "rules" as I had done in the Latin alphabet, i.e. the lowercase forms are rather cursive, but non-connecting. That means that some of the Cyrillic lowercase letters changed their form drastically compared to the upright printing forms.

Is this readable at all, or should I better stick to the upright forms? Are there any letters that just don't work? Any other comments?

Many thanks,

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Readable, friendly. Ghastly name.

Some negative feedback: I don't care for the black blobs in the capital B, D, Д, or ж; I think your Д and б are problematic and need work.

I really hope you are going to complete Cyrillic support in your font, and do the rest of the characters in the UCS.

Michael Everson

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Г - horizontal line is too long.
Ћ - same as above.

Л - is not correct, check here for more info.
б - is falling to right.
з - is not correct, doesn't goes into descender.
И - is doubtable.
D - is not Cyrilic, it should be Д.

Main "problem" is that your Cyrilic version is not neither Regular neither Italic version Cyrilic alphabet, it's some mixture. Check this.

Find some Cyrilic font and analyze it.

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Thank you for reviving this age-old thread :) I hope I find the time soon to work some more on the font, meanwhile your feedback is dutifully noted :)


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