(x) "Corvallis" script face - Philly Sport Script {Mark S}

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Please help me identify the script face used in "Corvallis Community Theatre".

Thanks in advance.

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aka Fluent Laser Fonts Sedona Script, which you might have
if you've ever purchased anything from Casady & Greene. (Conflict Catcher for Mac?).

C&G went out of business at this time last year.


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Huh! It's also known as Fulton Sign Script, Ebor Script and Sweden.

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Jeff, Philly Sport Script looks like it'll get the job done. Mark has linked it for ya.

Here's a setting of Sedona Script

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Hmm, Pilsner would be a good backup. The "T" is similiar but that "C".

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Any chance this face lives on and is still available for purchase?

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Thanks to each of you!

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Darn - I thought for sure it was Pilsner Script (from Letterhead), but they're not an exact match.


Something from Veer, perhaps?

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