(x) Myrtel macht Musik - Apple Chancery (boldened) {Chesh}

I need to find the name of this font please: Chancery



Artificially bolded Apple Chancery?

Wow, thanks Dave. Lightning quick, as always…

Not really what I wanted to hear though, because I’m on a Windows box and thus have no access to Apple Chancery. Doesn’t seem as if it can be bought anywhere, either.

Is there perhaps a Windows version of Apple Chancery around somewhere? Or a really really close equivalent font (as in: closer than Zapf Chancery)?

The font is here (hopefully I’m not unwittingly supporting piracy — it looks legit). There are conversion utilities out there to make Mac TT fonts usable on Windows. Check Luc’s page about it.

Unrelated: why is it that some people just routinely miss the “Cheshire” part of my name? I mean, for crap’s sake, it comes first. Not a slam against you, Refusenik; it happens to a few other people. I just wonder why.

Ok, I used CrossFont and ended up with a usable ttf file. Many many thanks for all that useful information, D… er… Chesh. :-)

So long

ps: “Dave” just instinctively seems like the “name” part of your nick. OTOH Cheshire sounds like where you’re at. Apologies…