Elien generative monospace typeface

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I've designed and developed elien in Processing. Its glyphs are generated by metaballs. A varying number of balls random sizes is overlain on a letter skeleton. The interactive application generating elien allows you to input text and alter different parameters – scale, spacing, density, contrast, levels and dissolve. This approach yields unlimited variations of styles and weights. You
may export the generated graphics in PDF Format.

A demo version is available here:

More infos about how elien works can be found here:

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This is cool.

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This is quite nice (including the great web interface).
I do keep reading "meatballs" however. :-)

Although this is already quite accomplished
(PDF export too?!) I do have two suggestions:
1) Allow the customization of the skeletons. For one thing this would lead to support of non-Latin scripts.
2) Have a mode where all the letters in a string can be connected, with the same style of rendering; either by having a simple line going through the text, or maybe something more complex, like some letters with the tops connected and others with the bottoms. I think that bring the "circuit" look full circle, and allow for some wonderful texture generation (like those DNA "imprints" or something).


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Wow, great job!

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