Hey typo addicts! I would just like to know what is the font printed in Sugababe's album "ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES." I think it's a pretty simple and common font (but I just love it so much), it's so retro or something. I hope someone could help me out! Thanks a million!


It looks to me like Goudy Heavyface.

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Thanks Zara but where exactly can i get it for free? thanks once again!

http://Cooper Black is similar, you might already have it on your system.

oh and here is http://GoudyHeavyface (not free)

Thanks Simon, i got that Goudy Heavyface font for free already!!!


it's from this site, i don't know if it is legal. I think it is, isn't it?

i dunno, it seems pretty suss to me... there is no mention of a foundry or type designer...

i usually download fonts for free like from and sites like this, is that illegal?

This fontyukle-site is verrrrrrrrry suspicous, it offers many commercial fonts for free, illegally as it seems.

Kenneth: Asking for a free font when it comes to commercial fonts is like asking for a free download for the latest music-album. Illegal. You don’t do that, do you? Most of the people here are living by designing beautiful things, many of them by designing typefaces. It is like a slap in their face if the people come here and asking for free downloads for their hard work. Respect them please.

there is a list of places to get, high quality fonts (free & legal) here:

also try doing a search on MyFonts like this:*+TO+0%5D/fonts/

"is like asking for a free download for the latest music-album. Illegal."

USUALLY illegal.

With fonts, like music, there are great freebies to be had here and there, but most of it is work created by people earning a living by creating and selling the work.