Anyone know where I can find a similar font?

I'm looking for a font similar to the one in the picture. I figure the example is probably custom logo lettering but if anyone knows of something similar, that would be helpful. Maybe a smoother version of it without the rough edges. It's kinda got a brushy/comic feel to it but I don't really like the various comic fonts around the web. I'm sorta looking specifically for that style where the different segments of the letters taper out to a rounded point like in the "T" and the "H" in the example. Thanks in advance for any help.


Hey Chris, I'm thinking you could make something like this using "brush" brushes for photoshop. Most of the segments are straight so you would just need some straight(ish) brushes to compile into the letters, eventually upping the contrast for the hard edges.

I did a quick search and these turned up:

You could also probably generate the necessary elements for this by doing a few swipes on paper with a very large marker and scanning those in. This is actually the approach I would recommend. After making a few, you might end up making whole letters, etc.

Good luck, I'd be curious to se what you come up with.

I am with Nickolas on this one. If you only need to set a couple of words you should definitely letter this yourself and who knows, you might enjoy it.

But instead of using Photoshop brushes, I'd recommend using Illustrator and some custom brushes, so you can tweak the shapes to your heart's content. If you have a Wacom this is even more fun!

You can find some 'brushy' brushes here:

Yeah, I was afraid of that. I was hoping to get the whole alphabet as a font so I wouldn't have to actually draw each character myself, however it looks like that's the way it might have to be!

Seb makes a good point, if made with illustrator i it would be easier to tweak, and nice and scalable. Thanks for the links as well.
So I got into trying to see if there is a font actually out there, and I found this thing which I'm almost embarrassed to post:
It's painfully ugly, but it does have a similar vibe.

Aikes..way too much lightning on the font you posted:P Might look much better done by hand.