Font Timeline ?

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Does anyone know where I could get a list of sans & seriffed fonts from the early 1900s till today because I hope to make a poster/timeline dealie, I had a quick search on google but didn't find much.

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"The Elements of Typographic Style" by Robert Bringhurst has a section about Serifed and Unserifed text fonts with a good list. It presents the author name, when it was produced and some historical facts...
You can make easly your poster/timeline.


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Thank you for the answer.

If I may can I ask a favour ?

The favour is could you list the top 5/6 most important/popular serrifed and unserrifed fonts between 1900 and 2008 ?

It would be great to have a list of 5/6 sans fonts in chronological order and the same for serrifed.

Thank you in advance.

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Most important or popular? Under what criteria?

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As in the most seen and used in newspapers, adverts, posters etc.

You could also do 2 lists with one being most important and the other popular.

I don't really mind to be honest, it will be nice to see peoples opinions.

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Sorry for bumping but could anyone answer please ?

I hope to have a rough copy by monday/tuesday.

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Franklin Gothic

Golden Type
Adobe Garamond

Cheers Light!

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Using the list from “The Elements of Typographic Style” by Robert Bringhurst I choose:

Bembo 1929
Palatino 1948
Minion 1989
Scala 1991 (date of publicly issued)
Caecilia 1991

Futura 1927
Gill Sans 1927
Frutiger 1975
Avenir (1988)- this one dont show on book list
Scala Sans 1994

This is a simple list. I dont give it special credit. I choose some font I like, not special criteria...


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