Serif 'New Caledonia LT' + Sans-Serif 'Frutiger LT' ?

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I am preparing a template for my company, we do market reports... so quite a serious topic.

I was thinking of associating 'New Caledonia LT' and 'Frutiger LT' for the titles. What do you think of this association ?

I would like something that looks 'clever' and 'american'...

Many thanks for your feedback...

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Calefonia? is that the state I'm living in as pronounced by the Governator?

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Thanks for the sharpness of your eyes ! Corrected now.

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I'm doing just the same work and i'm using Frutiger!

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OK thanks for this feedback !!
At first I just wanted to get some ideas for fonts... and now I feel I am starting to be addict to typograhpy !!

Any feedback welcome... I have also thought about Gill Sans, Franklin Gothic...

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