License Agreement Question

I am in the process of putting my fonts on-line for purchase/download through my own website.
I just need a very simple license and don't really have the money to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars to put one together. However I can't find anything online that I can just use as my own. Any suggestions??


Depends on what you want people to do with it...

Personal use only? Commercial use? Do you want to let people make changes to your face? And so forth.

If you scroll down a bit on this thread you will find the Village EULA. Chester has graciously said before that he doesn't mind others using it.

Yes...personal and commercial use, I want to keep it very simple.
Basically I don't care what it is used on, even on products or commercial design. I mainly just don't want someone to resell the font or something like that.

Thanks Miss Tiffany! I looked at the thread and I think what Chester came up with will be perfect! For my little site I just couldn't see getting all complicated with tons of legal jargon.