• Hmm… Yeah what's the name of this font, I can't remember :-}

Hello -

Please would you mind to help me finding the name of the font in attachment?

Thank you, have a nice day…

- Dimitri http://www.thebend.be/notlookingforsuchpicturesrightnow/


looks like "the mix itaic"

bur i think it is stretched, and very poorly spaced

Grrr..I hate stretched/squooshed type. But http://here's the place to find it.

Hi -

Are you sure?
Cuz the "s" & the "n" looks different.

- Dimitri

that's true, but i still think it is the closesed thing, there are not that many semi serifs

Oh God..what idiots we are. Sorry..it's Jeremy Tankard's Aspect

seems your right