Sans Serif ID

Can someone ID the highlighted text that says "Videos on Demand"? Very much appreciated.



It's really close to Prelo.

Also rather close to Priva (note the slanted terminals), boldened/squooshed.
While the "a" is off in the MyFonts sample below, the sample at DSType site
linked to above shows an "a" with a matching foot; I'd guess that's an alternate.

Hmm, yes it is close to Prelo. It seems to me that altaira is right, looks like its an altered Priva. It looks like it could have been stretched out or squished down.

Well, thanks guys.


Well I'm not sure how closely you need to ID this; I think Priva is a decent approximation, but it isn't it.
For one thing, the tops of the stems above the join on the "n" and "m" are thinned in your sample, which Priva's aren't. Also, on a more visible level, the counters of "n" and "m" are much more curvy in your sample (i.e. less thinning of the curves).

No, you're right for sure. Its not Priva line for line, curve for curve but its close enough.

I thank both of you.