"Catch and Release" movie credits, script font

You can see the credits here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScOQnjOzJzE

The script font is visible several times, notably at 22s and 30s into the clip. I'm not recognizing it right away.



Wow, 29 hours with no answer, It must be tough!


Script fonts are the hardest I should think, especially when so many are available for free. Perhaps you could post an screen capture?

Here's all the text bits in one image. I have tried to compensate for some horizontal distortion in the original video (it seems it was squished by about 40-45%).

I cannot seem to find a match, BUT ITC Studio script is close, as is Laramie Pro. Strangely enough it looks very very familiar..but I cannot place it.

it is hard to see, and it is pretty consistent, other wise i would say that is was just someones handwriting

I'm pretty sure it was done as a font. But I suppose it could have been done as a completely custom job for the film titles.

There certainly are lots of typefaces in this general space (some of the other closer ones being Wendy from LetterPerfect, Professor from Three Islands Press, Shimmer from Blue Vinyl, Freestyle Script), I'm just not finding a really close match. I tried Identifont, tried MyFonts "more fonts like this" feature on Studio Script and looked at 660 other fonts... nada. Sigh.

So I'm just hoping somebody will recognize the darn thing. :/


No luck with Mike’s Script Font Identification Guide (Part 9: Casual > Everyday Handwriting) either.

Haha Thomas..I went through Fontshop's gallery of script faces AND about 1400+ faces in myfonts to no avail either:(

Rats! Thanks for your valiant efforts, though.