Anyone for dirty chicken?

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Anyone for dirty chicken?


My name is Siaron Hughes, and I'm a graphic designer. I re-trained by studying
a Graphics MA at London College of Communication 2006-2007, gaining a Distinction.
I'm having a book published, and it will be in the shops in mid-Feb. The subject
is on the rhetoric of fast food and dirty chicken shops.

Published by in NYC.

I'd be really grateful for any feedback or advise on my book, please see some
spreads below.

Many thanks

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Normally, when I look at book covers from a far (at bookstore racks, for example), I focus on the visual/image/logo first. As I get closer, my eyes definitely scans from top-left to bottom-right.

You could try putting the book's title below the logo, IMHO.
Without aligning it to the image's curve.

Your logo's outmost outline is bolder than the book title.
I found that a bit distracting.
Try blurring your eye while looking at your attached image. :)