Script type/possibly a tattoo

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I've been messing with this today and need some other thoughts. This might be a tattoo for my wife so I want to perfect it to death. Give me suggestions or odd strokes that stand out.


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Mate, right now I read it as "Lo Much".

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I'll second that. This reminds me of my logotype too, heh.

It needs some work, but I'm still pretty happy with it.

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My wife said the same thing Tell. I didn't notice it much until now. Here are two revisions. Flemish Script is what I started with.

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Reads a little better now. That flick off the h seems to feel a little awkward in comparison to the rest of the swashes. Is there any way to make it work a little more harmoniously? Maybe cutting it a little short and curling the end a little.

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Can't say I do a lot of this stuff these days, but some quick advice/thoughts:

- the flourishes feel forced and a little stiff right now
- don't do this digitally from the get go, start on paper
- see if you can grab a copy of Dangerous Curves by Doyald Young, great reference.
- if there is a good tattoo parlor in your area, talk to the artists there

A good tattoo artist will take your initial sketch and make it work that much better when it's placed onto a curved surface. There's a wonderful tradition of hand lettering alphabets being handed down from artist to artist in the their craft.

Good luck

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Thanks Tell. I appreciate your comment and I'll grab that book. I agree on the tattoo side as well. I would want them to take my sketch as a reference and let their abilities take over. Thanks again.

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