Identify This!

hey ,

anyone can help me identify the series of fonts found in this picture?

there are 3 fonts used? the one at the bottom might be a tad to small for identification i suppose. sorry.


Looks like Knockout #49 (Lightweight) at top and Mercury Text in middle, both from H&FJ.

Nope. The caps are Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed Bold. Not nice enough to be from H&FJ.

The serif caps are rather Adobe Caslon if you ask me.

Yeah, the middle bar of the E is shorter in Knockout, but at this size they otherwise look pretty much the same. And I don't know why I thought that was Mercury ...

The serif indeed looks like Adobe Caslon. I think that's it, though it's probably been a tiny bit squooshed.

Hello Faris! Nice to see yet another Singaporean here:D Sorry the "Great Spy Experiment" is a dead giveaway.

hey thanks alot guys.
really appreciate it

yehan - hello. :)