ID this early 1970s typewriter font

Any ideas?


what makes you think this is a typewriter font?

It appeared on copy of an obviously-typewritten document.

Could be Century Expanded from an IBM Selectric Composer. It was basically a typewriter, but it had proportional fonts and was often used for typesetting low-budget publications and documents. Century Expanded and other common typefaces were available for it.

thanks mark, i was unaware that there were typewriters with proportional fonts.

Just barely. They usually had something like a four-unit spacing system, meaning that there were four different possible character widths.

I worked with a low-end phototypesetter back in the Seventies that used only four-units. Even the high-end systems (such as the Linotype V.I.P.) were usually only 16-units per em. We are so spoiled.

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