The Art of Wood Type The most comprehensive book written about wood type in 50 years.

The book was designed for artists, designers, printers, collectors, students and teachers to gain a better understanding of the basics of typography, its origins and specifically wood type. 330 pages, 9.25"x9"x1" weighing 3 lbs. 6 oz. A hefty book, crammed with information and entertainment.
Read about the Invention of the Alphabet to the Evolution of the Alphabet into the Languages. The Dawn of Modern Typography discussed the development of metal type and the foundries that in tandem were developing type designs often produced in wood. The fascinating history of James E. Hamilton, his beginnings and development of the only surviving wood type company, literally acquiring all of his competitors. A section covering the Anatomy of the Letterform and the Anatomy of the Type Styles. Nine artists, print instructors and collectors speak of their experiences and their creative artwork in wood type.

220 pages of Wood Type "proofs" and the photograph of each font is shown beside each other. Each of the more than 110 fonts has the best known name, maker, date, size and current owner of the wood type. A brief description with each font adds some specific detail or a general comment for a better understanding of the type face.

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Hello all,
For Christmas I received the new book by Gregory Ruffa called "The Art of Wood Type" and it is simply amazing. Outstanding quality and photographs. It delves into so many aspects of manufacturing, collecting, displaying and printing with wood type. Interviews with wood type
historians..pantographs...typefaces... intellectual property and early font patents...U&lc magazine... modern letterpress printers...etc. & more. If you haven't ordered this book yet, look at a few pages from the web site listed below. Such a well done book. 330 glossy pages of wood type and typographical history.

It was $50 plus shipping. I think it's only available through his web site.

Bob Piontkowski