Chicago Typography

I came across a blog that uploads pictures of some interesting found type in Chicago. In any case, I was curious if anyone knew what face this was?


I don't think that's available in digital form, but Eagle and Mostra are very much in the same Art Deco vein. The ampersand in Mostra, in particular, is very close to your sample.

Neutraface from House Industries is similar.

I'd imagine whoever designed it, whether architect or signmaker, was referencing Futura for the "Thermal Supply Honeywell Controls".

I love that metal ampersand!

I know. I'm in NYC and I'm ready to get on a plane now to go to chicago and steal the ampersand off that building.

This reminds me quite a bit of the old school Futura. I see it quite a bit around here on the signage of some buildings here.

Here's a picture I took when I found a sample at RIT.