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Personal work

I have worked on Devnagari letter form अ and आ. These are a part of exploring the form assignment.


Looks nice and casual, though I am not an expert on Devanagari. And I guess the text is in Marathi, which is even more alien to me. It is high time we make casual and non-formal typefaces in Indian scripts and bring in some much-needed vitality into the scene.

That is really beautiful. I cannot read any of the Indian scripts (except those based on Arabic) so I see your font as pure abstract calligraphic shapes. Inspired by a particular style of Japanese calligraphy I developed my own style of brush-drawn Arabic, and some of my shapes resemble some of the curves in your font. Can you please display some large close-ups of a few words or letters with your font? I want to see how you treated the lines - strictly monoline (same width) or modulated. If modeulated what criterion did you use to decide where it should be thick and where thin?