Beginner's type design - all critique welcome!

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I've been designing fonts for about a year now, pure hobby. I've always felt that, because I was never properly educated in type design, I'm missing out on a lot of stuff. Nevertheless I try. In the last weeks I've come up with this design, inspired on the beautiful typefaces by Gerard Unger. Like his type, I'd like to give it a feel of (post) modernism and clarity.

Like I said, I'm not a professional, not even an educated type designer. However, I'd like you all to comment, good and bad...

Thanks in advance!

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You've either made superb progress in type design over just a year, or you're staying too close to Unger*. He's a great role model in type, but I still think most individuals can contribute much more from themselves than from imitation. The question of what's too close for comfort is a classic and thorny issue in type design, and requires great introspection as well as listening to advice. But quite possibly I'm making a mountain out of a molehill!

* I'm not an expert in Unger's work so I can't pinpoint too much.

Anyway, of itself it's quite nice.
The weakest glyph is the "j" - it needs a braver descender.

Concerning self-education: many of our great names in the craft have been self-taught. There are pros and cons (just as there are with formal education) but I have to think that in this age of 100,000 fonts it nicely promotes originality. The main problem is that you can take a few extra years to get to the same spot (although the journey might very well be the biggest prize).


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Thanks for your input, HHP.

For more information on and type designs by Gerard Unger, see

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Looks very nice.. any more samples to see?

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I'm working on the caps and glyphs. It's nice to know you all, well, you two, like it. I'll have a close look at the 'j' and repost.


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I like what you've done so far. I'd make only one comment for now. I wonder if the descender are a bit too long. I think it is longer than the ascender and it could be a bit shorter. It's more visible in the y and the g. Keep going.


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Also, there is a bump on some letters. You could try to correct it.


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> the descender are a bit too long.

Good call (I'm embarassed to have missed that).


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r's ear needs more substance in upright and even more in italic.

I'd work more on the a - it looks clumsy to me.

Diagonal letters like wxv (not always easy to do) are well done here.

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