Alarming Kerning Import Bug in Fontlab

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I want to import kerning from one 4-master vfb to another. I use paste special. I must select 'ignore destination selection' because otherwise I get a transposition, even though encoding is identical.

But now something worse occurs. 1400 pairs in the original, and only 800 in the copy. Strange things like all kern pairs between y and eacute are missing.

In other words, the program simply isn't doing what it is supposed to do, and every last step has to be checked. Most laboriously!

It is difficult to believe how anyone could reliably use this program as a production tool as is, and I imagine that those who do this on a large scale basis have various scripts, perhaps outside of Fontlab, that accomplish these operations in a reliable manner.

We've been slagging Fog a lot lately, but I never remember it being quite so unreliable in so many unexpected ways. However, there's no turning back!

And I must admit, using the program more frequently than for some time, that I am encountering frequent fatal crashes. I'm beginning to wonder if the DTL tools would be a more reliable alternative.

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