Typography Engineer (Heavy Coding) - MetroWest Boston - Perm Gig, Great Company.

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Typography Engineer (Heavy Coding) - MetroWest Boston - Perm Gig, Great Company.

Hi guys - Found this site while researching a Typography role for a client of mine. They're hiring a Typography expert for their team - we're not looking for graphic artists, more the OO guru. If this is you, I'd love to hear from you. More details:

Most important : Looking for a math wizard who has a strong understanding of object-oriented programming (correct usage of several design patterns being an example). Versatility in any modern OO language (C++, C#, Java, etc.) is ideal.
• text formatting, flow, and word wrapping
• international typography (simple and complex scripts, text direction, grid layouts)
• computational geometry / Graphics programming (spline-based shapes, intersections, bounding boxes, transformation matrices)
• computational aesthetics (page layout, color theory)

This is a role for someone who loves coding as much as strategy - would love any help on this.

Have a great week - JT

Jennifer Tortorella-Taylor

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Heh. Somebody just sent me an email about this job earlier today, asking if I was interested.

Unfortunately, you aren't necessarily going to find many programmers here. :(