Kursivschrift Stehend?

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I'm writing a paper about the graphic design of Lula magazine,
I've found out the Lula typeface is a modificated Kursivschrift stehend from Linotype.
I want to know more about it but can't find a lot of information (all I know is that it's german and it's based on cartographic lettering)
Is there someone who knows something about this type, or where I can get information about it?

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Have you checked Linotype's website?

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Not sure where to get information about it, but this German magazine also uses it: Young Miss


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I asked Erik Spiekermann about Kursivschrift a while back. He had this to say:

"These used to be the fonts cartographers used. Left-leaning italic for rivers, etc. They used to be engraved, thus the look. Berthold used to credit them with the administration responsible for the standard, i.e. Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt (Bavarian Office for Land Registry or something -- the state cartography office). They're really cool and i've been meaning to use them for years. I set maps with that stuff on a Diatype, back in the 60s (i know, i know...)"

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Here is an extract from an old map of the "Bavarian Forest"


where the typeface "Kursivschrift stehend" was used, e.g. in the word "Pfarrkirche" (below the town name "Spiegelau", which name was typeset in "Karten-Augustea", another typical "map font").

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Thank you, all your answers helped me a lot!

I just have one more question, is there someone who knows more about the designer(s) of this font?
Linotype just says 'German Cartographic Design', but I can't get a lot of information about this

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I believe the designer is unknown. Perhaps like DIN it was created by committee.

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A certain Mr. Quinn Keaveney asked me for historical details
with reference to this typophile thread.

Since I do no longer possess the picture BayrischerWald.jpg,
I refer to this more recent documentation:


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I love Kursivschrift.
It's a shame the designer is unknown. There are so many fonts today where the designer should be unknown...


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