Of all Day/Weekly/Monthly Planners, Which one is king!

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Of all Day/Weekly/Monthly Planners, Which one is king!

What is the best day planner? I am looking for a Weekly/Monthly planner to be more exact and like the two pages per week spread i think.

A few years ago, after hours of perusing Office Depot I settled on the At-A-Glance Weekly Executive Day planner and have purchased a few over the past few years. Unfortunately I went to office depot again today and am depressed to say that the quality seems to have significantly gone down.


So, after hours of searching I decided upon the Dualview by Day-Timer, which has some cool design and print features with the added benefit of being half the price:


But I am always looking for an improved day planner, since i have to stare and use it everyday. What do you use?