History in Small Places, Feb 28-March 28

Selections from History in Small Places the upcoming exhibition of archival pigment prints February 28 through March 28, Hill Memorial Library, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Exhibited will be images captured from the Dameron-Pierson collection of engraved commercial plates and hand engraved monograms Mr. and Mrs. Collins donated to the Southeastern Louisiana Archival Collections and the Hill Memorial Library, respectively:



The desire for getting along in polite society have long tempted the fancy of aspiring souls, following are the musings of beautiful and enchanting young Undine Spragg, newcomer to the travails of the cosmopolitan dream:

“She went to the window, and drawing back its many layers of lace gazed eastward down the long brown-stone perspective. Beyond the Park lay Fifth Avenue–and Fifth Avenue was where she wanted to be!

She had read in the ’Boudoir Chat’ of one of the Sunday papers that the smartest women were using the new pigeon-blood note-paper with white ink; and rather against her mother’s advice she had ordered a large supply, with her monogram in silver. It was a disappointment, however, to that Mrs. Fairford wrote on the old-fashioned white sheet, without even a monogram–simply her address and telephone number.”–Edith Wharton, The Custom of the Country, 1913, The Library of America edition published by arrangement with Charles Scribner and Sons.