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citroen corporate typeface

Recently citroën has redesigned its identity. I believe to have achieved some innovation, though "Créative technologie" removes the french accent out of the brand (on purpose?)... But I'm interested in finding out what is the corporate typeface, that seems to work very well with the logo's typeface and personality of the brand.




I don’t think that the wordmark is well made, looks cheap and greasy.
And the chrome boomerangs ... It’s all Landor’s fault.
I don’t see how the new corporate face matches with the wordmark, the latter being a horrible constructed collection of letters.

I didn´t mean to discuss either I like it or not. I was just interested in the typeface used for copy, because, to be honest, it was the only thing that caught my attention. ;)
The only link is the rhythm of the curves in the N's and so on.

The curves of the "boomerangs", I mean.

i guess it's a special typeface designed for the logo, no regular typeface.
i dont even think it is used in another context than in the logo...

I don´t mean the logotype "citroen", I mean the copy typeface.

With ‘typeface for copy’ you mean this, right?

We’ll find out ;-) Most definitely a custom type.

Yep, that's what I mean... :) though the animations destroy everything using arial...