Hebrew Wood Type

Examples from A specimen of wood type by Zvi Bregman, Tel Aviv 1940


who is zvi bergman? i'm ashamed of my ignorance.

The top samples look like Chaim Shamen, with some Ahoni aspects.

Otherwise, except for the second design, the designs are effective.

Another great design of Hebrew wood type was Yitchak Ginsbourg. Unfortunately, none of his designs were preserved.

A great collection of Hebrew wood designs were in the pocession of Lili Wonker, of New York. About 18 years ago, I learned about the collection from Ari Davidow, who visited her. She was an old lady then; so I don't know if she is deceased or in old age home.

No additional information on Zvi Bregman but a scan of the catalogue as PDF.

Love the cover!