Logo Critique (Web Design & Development Firm)

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Working on projects where you have a vested interest can be a horrible pain at times.
So, at this point, I've pretty much exhausted my brain and am looking for some outside opinions.

Thanks in advance!


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The second "e" is too far right.


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The leaves feel like they're trying to get away. Have you tried different angles or placement? Also, with the letters tracked apart so far, the leaves overlapping feel cluttered where they are.

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The logo looks overly delicate to me. It most certainly doesn't say "development" in any conceivable way. "Design" - maybe, but it has far more of .. erm .. a "healthy living" or a "spa" feeling to it than a web design.

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I agree with epsilicon. It feels a bit like it's advertising upmarket Aloe Vera health/beauty products (especially with those leaves); or colored contact lenses.
Where do the leaves come from?

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