Stars and stripes font, working title Rodeo Heavy

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Hi all,

I'm drawing glyphs for a stars and stripes font that started off from an entry for the type battle. I'm still very new to all this, so I'd really appreciate any advice or critiques that you can offer.

Specific points: do the uc and lc go well enough together? Would it be better without the stars - or with them kept as stylistic alternates perhaps? How about without the stripes? I'm not sure I like how the descenders look, going clear again below the stripes.

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The upper and lower case go together fine.

Add more stars. Dot the i and j with them. Do more like the uppercase X... I love that.

The white and black stripes should be the same thickness, a bit thicker than they are right now. The descenders are fine below the stripes. What if the part of the descender below the stripes were solid black instead of solid white?

I prefer the fatter C and G, although for the C you might settle on a single one that's halfway between the C and G's thickness. The bowls of the R, B and P seem off-center and too small. I hate both Js... don't know how to fix them, though. Not sure if I like the hole in the uppercase O.

That's my two cents. Take what you like and ignore the rest. :)

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Hi glyphobet, thanks for taking a look.

I like the idea of having the descenders being black below the stripes - may give that a go and see how it looks. And yes, making the stripes more uniform sounds like the right way to go.

With you on the Js, but also unsure how to fix 'em.

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