1646 Garamond?

Hello typophiles. First sorry about my bad english. Recently I bought on an eBay auction, the book Concionum Opus Tripartitum. It was printed in Cologne by Johannes Kinchius in 1646 . The typefaces used in this book intrigues me. I can found 3 different styles. Roman, italic an a fraktur. The roman and italics used in text looks like a Garamond (or like) cut. I'm right?

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I can't say for sure, but I think Kinchius either cut his own fonts or had somebody cut them for him. Somebody here would likely know for sure. Most of the roman fonts in use at that time look something like Garamonds, but there were a number of different ones. The largest sizes on that title page, however, don't look like any Garamond I've ever seen, so I am quite sure they are by someone else. The text font could very well be a Garamond.