Studying in England

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Studying in England

So, i was thinking about maybe studying graphic design in England, and figuring out everything i need to know seems a herculean task at the i figured that the super-nice and knowledgeable people on Typophile might be able to help. :-)

First of all, about me: i'm interested in most all areas of graphic design but currently typography is top of the heap, followed by illustration. Right now i'm working in the design department at a printer, which has been awesome for learning all the technical bits of the industry, but a bit lacking in creative nourishment.

Question 1:
Which schools do you recommend? So far Reading and Central St. Martins seems most interesting, as both seem pretty “design-focused”. Any others that take pride in their design programmes?

Would it be a disadvantage to attend undergrad/postgrad at different schools?

What are the application deadline for international, non-EU students (specifically norwegians)? I found some different answers to this around the web.

I suppose that's good for a start...if there is anything else you think might help, lay it on me!

Thanks in advance!