Ornament Frames

Hi guys,

As always seems to be the case, I'm ruing what seems to be the one site I managed not to tag on delicious.

I stumbled across a dingbat font fairly recently which just seemed to contain loads of these rather elegant and ornate frames. (see example attachment)

I was just hoping one of you may have stumbled across the same font, or could recommend some alternatives.

Many Thanks,



So those frames in the sample are from a typeface you have run across before?



Not specifically those frames in the example, but ones very similar. I just can't remember the foundry site I was on, I've checked all the ones I usually frequent.

Thanks for the recommendations, but the ornaments tended to be a whole ornate little frame in one glyph, as opposed to individual borders you could build up.

I'll keep looking, thanks in the meantime!